Minimum requirements for officially sanctioned Iowa Jeep Club events:

1. The Iowa Jeep Club officers reserve the right to disqualify any vehicle at any time for any reason.     

2. All drivers must be legally sober. No alcohol is allowed on the trails.    

3. Firmly attached roll bar or full factory top. If the cab is compromised in any way, it must be cleared with a club officer.     

4. Working seat belts will be worn by all occupants while vehicle is in motion.    

5. All vehicle drivers must be club members for insurance purposes.     

6. All drivers and passengers must sign the club liability waiver.     

7. Full and pressurized ABC fire extinguisher.     

8. Working brake system.     

9. All window glass must be in good condition. No dangerous cracks.     

10. A fully inflated spare tire.     

11. Lug wrench, lug nut keys for locking lug nuts (if needed), working jack capable of lifting vehicle.     

12. Working head lights, tail lights and brake lights.     

13. Tow strap capable of handling vehicle weight. Strap must have looped ends, no hooks. Cables on winches only.     

14. Tow points front and rear. Can be bolted with grade 5+ hardware. Surface welds not acceptable. Frame tie in welded points are acceptable.     

15. Do not hook a strap over a trailer ball.     

16. Battery hold downs-no bungee cords.     

17. First aid kit.     

18. No excessive leaks.     

19. Club by-laws will apply.

Strongly suggested equipment:

1. CB radio.

2. Full size spare.

3. High lift jack.

4. Winch or come-a-long.

5. Shovel.

6. Tarp.